Could you afford to lose half your life's savings?

How about a third of it? Or a quarter? It's a question we hope you never have to answer but one worth considering. And it's central to Cadinha & Company’s philosophy regarding money management. We call it aggressive preservation.

Get rich slow.

Preservation can be a loaded word because it conjures up images of treading water as opposed to making forward progress. But that’s not the case with Cadinha.

Because we believe that it’s nearly impossible to build wealth while experiencing periodic, severe losses, our first priority is to preserve what you have worked so hard to save.

By seeking investment opportunities that present good upside potential with little risk, we preserve your ability to grow. After all, your capital is what we put to work to build wealth.

But not too slow.

Our approach to investing is a prudent one. But it’s not so conservative that we lose sight of the fact that our aim is not only to preserve capital but also to deliver solid returns.

And with no hidden fees.

We don’t know what fees your current financial adviser is charging. Then again, maybe you don’t either. At Cadinha & Company our financial advisory fees are pretty straightforward. We charge an annual 1% fee for portfolios ranging from $1 million to $3 million and decreasing amounts for assets beyond that. Hidden and exorbitant fees? Not our thing. They don't align with our central philosophy of preservation because they chip away at your capital. That's the exact opposite of what we're trying to accomplish for you.

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So, what’s it gonna take to get you into a new heart?

It’s difficult to imagine ever hearing something like that from your physician. But that, in a nutshell, is the difference between a salesperson and an adviser. The motivation for the salesperson is the sale. The motivation for the adviser is your best interest.

Cadinha & Company investment advisers are registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. As named fiduciaries under this law, we must operate under a higher standard of responsibility to our clients. In other words, as fiduciaries, we are legally obligated to look after you, not sell you.

We could never let conflicts of interests such as commissions, sales quotas and selling bonuses cloud our judgment when making investment decisions for our clients.

Many financial advisers are not fiduciaries and therefore have no such obligation. They sell all kinds of products like mutual funds, annuities, structured notes, limited partnerships, hedge funds and managed futures. We sell no products, collect no commissions and have no sales quotas or selling bonuses. We want no conflicts like these to cloud our judgment when making investment decisions for our clients.

Salesperson or Cadinha investment adviser? Seems like a pretty easy decision.

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give each other a rainbow
sharing in the gold


The 1% solution.

At Cadinha & Company we have a novel approach to making money: we do
what's best for our clients. That's why we choose to employ a transparent, low
fee-only schedule.

No dinging every transaction. No commissions. No hidden fees of any kind.

Just an annual 1% fee for portfolios between $1 million and $3 million and lower fees (as low as .40%) beyond that.

1% first $3 million of assets under management
.75% on the next $2 million
.50% on the next $5 million
.40% on additional amounts
Minimum annual fee for each account is $10,000.

Do we do this out of the goodness of our hearts? Maybe a little, but mostly, we do it because our business model hinges on your success. Our philosophy is to build wealth while preserving client capital. The more wealth we build for our clients, the more we earn. Our clients’ interests and ours are the same—to make more money.

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It's really about the plus.

What analytical tools and investment information do we have access to at Cadinha & Company? These for starters:

  • Economic and market data
  • Securities data on 50,000+ publicly traded entities around the globe from pork bellies to Mongolian bonds to small Irish banks
  • Wall Street research
  • Independent research
  • Public filings
  • Research and analysis from economists

But guess what? Our competitors have, for the most part, access to the same tools and information. It's the same way with craftsmen. They all have the same tools, so what is it that makes the difference? The craftsmanship.

The most valuable thing that Cadinha has to offer you isn't the list you see above, but how we use it.

And then there’s our artistry.

We make this distinction because with craftsmanship the focus is on one’s finesse using existing tools. Artistry adds the ability to conceive of a tool that doesn’t yet exist. And as it turns out, that is what happened 40 years ago with the creation of a proprietary model that has allowed us to keep a living history of quantitative data in the context of macroeconomic conditions.

As it was envisioned then, the model now contains an accumulated 40 years of market performance data, meticulously updated along the way. When queried with a set of macroeconomic “what ifs,” it provides quantitatively derived probabilities for the future performance of any market, benchmark, or asset class in which we are contemplating investing. This valuable information is added to our arsenal when making decisions as to how we allocate assets.

The person deserving credit for this creation is our own chief economist, Victor Canto, Ph.D. He has studied macroeconomics in regard to investments his entire career and helps us examine macroeconomic trends, fiscal monetary policy, the interplay between the two, and how it all affects asset performance.

Victor has been part of our Investment Committee for many years. This committee—each member with decades of experience—comes to the table to test ideas, learn from one another, ask questions, think, worry about what could go wrong and envision what should go right. We seek the best means of minimizing your risk. We look for the great opportunities. And then we wait, investing only when we feel the time is right.

Our Business Model

Because we don’t rely on the sale of any products for our income, we’re not busy selling our clients the new new thing. Instead, we use our time to study and reflect on the information and data we gather. All with the goal to make the best investments for our clients.

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What we do matters, but so does how we do it.

The Client Experience

At Cadinha & Company we believe very much in long-term relationships. By forming lasting partnerships with our clients we get to know them and develop a deep understanding of their financial and lifestyle goals, especially as those goals shift toward retirement planning..

We maintain a low client-to-staff ratio and give our clients access to the decision makers at our firm. When you call, a person answers, not a machine. You'll have our email addresses. And, you're encouraged to call or write at any time.

All this isn't just to make you feel important. You are important and we treat you
that way.

Financial Planning Cadinha Style

At Cadinha & Company, we have our own definition of financial planning. It has nothing to do with generic forms or formulaic investment styles. Rather, we get to know you. We learn about your assets, income, estate plan, taxes and other financial matters. We also want to hear about the people and things that matter most in your life.

Next we ask you to envision your future so that we can see everything you see. Because we’ve been helping people achieve their financial goals since 1979, we’ve learned to see all that and more.

Like how shifting your financial priorities can serve you to better grow and preserve your wealth. Or knowing when it’s in your best interest for us to engage in real collaboration with your tax and legal advisors. Or even how we can educate your heirs about the advantages we’re creating for you, and ultimately, them.

From private to business matters; from cash flow management to lifetime needs; from buying and selling assets to gifting the important ones in your life – Cadinha & Company shows your financial life how to provide five-star service to your real life.

Customized Investment Management

Just as no two people are alike, no two investors are alike, so a “one-size-fits-all” approach really ends up fitting no one. Cadinha & Company manages each account separately so we can tailor it to each client’s needs.

Your unique goals and individual tolerance for risk will influence the approach we take to growing your wealth.

If there's a specific amount of cash you need generated each year, we'll customize your portfolio with that goal in mind. If you wish to invest more heavily in foreign markets, we offer a unique approach to a dedicated global portfolio. We also take note of your particular tax situation and how it impacts what you wish to achieve. And if you have any value-based parameters that might prevent you from investing in certain companies or sectors, we factor that in as well.

Finally, we consider your present capacity for income generation as well as other assets you own. Are you working? Own a company? Have holdings elsewhere? Own real estate? These details impact how we customize your investment plan and manage your assets. What it all comes down to is that you are you, and we treat you as such.


We keep it simple. Quarterly reports are brief and easy to read. Accounting is straightforward and transparent. And because all trades are made through your personal brokerage account, you can log in at your leisure to check positions, gains and losses, dividends and more. Like every other aspect of our service, reporting is designed to be of maximum benefit to you.

Beyond Investment Management

Because we develop deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients, we often serve as their financial right arm during times of transition. Our clients trust our financial expertise. And our business expertise. And us.

We go beyond investment management, because life doesn’t exist in a portfolio. It can only be protected by one.

Cadinha & Company can help create the strategies and manage the efforts for any number of financial challenges in which families and businesses find themselves, like:

  • unwinding complicated ownership positions
  • private family business transitions
  • disposition of private business equity
  • charitable gifting programs
  • moving assets to future generations
  • succession planning
  • transitioning to retirement
  • estate planning
  • long-term financial strategies
  • helping heirs find the most advantageous way to receive assets

When necessary, we consult with other specialized professionals whose advice helps us achieve our clients’ goals. In other words, we know what we don’t know. We have trusted relationships with a broad range of experts such as actuaries, attorneys, tax counsel and business valuation specialists. And we know when to call them in.

Because every situation is unique, this service is designed to accomplish very particular outcomes. And once we know what steps need to be taken, we provide an estimate for implementing the path to a successful transition.

Our philosophy of preserving what our clients have spent their lives creating is where everything begins and ends with us. We go beyond investment management, because life doesn’t exist in a portfolio. It can only be protected by one.

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It all started
with a man who
wanted to do
the right thing.

Harlan J. Cadinha spent the first 11 years of his career at a large brokerage firm. There, he witnessed the inherent conflict between what the firm expected (make lots of trades to generate lots of fees and push products to benefit the firm) and what was in his clients' best interests. Harlan knew there was a better way.

From its very founding in 1979 Cadinha & Company has been different. And this wasn't an easy time to be different or to launch a company. In 1979 inflation was 11%, the price of gold had doubled and the Dow Jones had risen just 33 points for the year. But Harlan had a vision. A vision of a firm that would make investment decisions based on clients' needs. One that would understand macroeconomic trends in order to allocate assets based on where an investment was likely headed, not where it had been. An asset management firm that didn’t sell products, but was valued for its wisdom.

Today Cadinha & Company stands as a testament to the ideal that great success can come from putting client needs first.

Clients stayed; a number are third-generation. And so did our investment team; their average tenure is over twenty years. Cadinha is one of Hawaii's largest and oldest investment advisers with managed assets of approximately $1.7 billion and clients in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Through managing risk, or in Harlan's words, "staying out of trouble," Cadinha & Company has steadily and strategically built wealth for a discerning client base. A base that we’d like to grow by one more—you.

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