Beyond Investment Management

At Cadinha & Company, “beyond” is a simple word to encompass the mile-high, ocean-deep, 360° view we have of our clients’ dreams and visions in the context of the world in which we live. 

While our investment management philosophy pays heed to the future, the present is our strongest domain. It is where we earn our clients’ trust every single day. It is where we apply our wisdom in real time, to preserve what they have spent their lives creating. It is where we connect with them, in the ongoing arc of long-term relationships.  

We are known as investment managers, but our clients have learned they can count on us to be their financial right arm during times of transition. When life doesn’t lead to a fork in the road, but rather a maze of complex entanglements, we have the resources to help them make clear decisions with confidence.


We go beyond investment management, because life doesn’t exist in a portfolio. It can only be protected by one.

If it’s beyond you, we can help put it behind you.

The types of transitions we help clients go through can be daunting. They require expert knowledge, strategic planning and good timing. The natural tendency is to put these things off. Till tomorrow. Or next week. Then next year comes, and the need for change still weighs heavily on people’s minds.

  • unwinding complicated ownership positions
  • private family business transitions
  • disposition of private business equity
  • charitable gifting programs
  • estate planning
  • moving assets to future generations
  • succession planning
  • transitioning to retirement
  • long-term financial strategies
  • helping heirs find the most advantageous way to receive assets

At stake are managing large inheritances in a changing tax landscape. Or transitioning businesses to the next generation because it’s beyond time to step down. Or gifting charities with lasting legacies while continuing to provide for heirs. The particulars are as unique as our clients, and the complexities can be immense.

The big exhale on the other side of a challenging situation is a sound we love to hear. It means we helped our client breathe easy again. When our clients take the first step to let us know what they need to achieve, we come back to them with a path to resolution, so that they can move:

Beyond worry.

Creating a balance between living well today and providing well for tomorrow might involve things like restructuring or terminating operating companies to minimize financial liabilities, while leaving heirs with assets they can build on. We provide the steps to bring closure, more security, and far more peace
of mind.

Beyond illiquidity.

When wealth is tied up and unavailable, extricating oneself from complicated ownership positions or interests in which minority positions are held can liquefy assets and afford greater financial self-sufficiency. We can spot the opportunities that take the least and give the most back.

Beyond complexity.

Large trusts that involve trustees managing assets on behalf of the original benefactor present an array of challenges. We have organized and participated in strategic planning sessions for large trusts with operating entities and public beneficiaries, to help trustees abide by the benefactor’s wishes and avoid liabilities that could put the trust at risk.

Beyond entwined.

Inheritances may bring entanglements that can’t initially be seen. For example, being an heir with majority stakes in a number of operating companies could include a complex set of circumstances, such as descendants with whom ties need to be severed, bloodline heirs needing assets, and even employee lawsuits to resolve. We lay out the approach that can free up assets, resolve liabilities, and create a legacy of goodwill in the process.

Beyond the horizon.

We treat estates with as much sensitivity as a growing portfolio. Initiating large gifting programs that minimize future taxable estates for our high-net-worth clients preserves what matters most to them, even when they are no longer able to witness their good works.

We’re beyond resourceful.

Cadinha & Company can help create the strategies and manage the efforts for any number of financial challenges in which families and businesses find themselves. When necessary, we consult with other specialized professionals whose advice helps us achieve our clients’ goals. In other words, we know what we don’t know. We have trusted relationships with a broad range of experts such as actuaries, attorneys, tax counsel and business valuation specialists. And we know when to call them in.

Some things are simply beyond words.

There are things we do for clients that we wouldn’t think of advertising. It must be rooted in our Aloha spirit, but there are times when we see something that needs to be taken care of, and we do it because it’s the right thing to do. Our clients have become our friends, and our concerns for them go beyond the nine-to-five.

There are other things we do for clients that we cannot foresee. These proactive moments are triggered by our knowledge of our clients' businesses, their investments outside their portfolios, their families and their values – in the context of social, political or tax law changes. When we see risk of any nature approaching, we let them know there is a course of action available. We don’t just protect portfolios. We try to protect wealth, wherever it exists. 

Above and beyond is where we go together.

Cadinha & Company has a guiding philosophy that has been helping people achieve financial goals since 1979. We now bring that expertise and experience to this consulting service that goes beyond investment management. 

Because every situation is unique, this service is designed to accomplish very particular outcomes. And once we know what steps need to be taken, we provide an estimate for implementing the path to a successful transition.

Portfolios don’t sit still, and neither does life. We’re here to support our clients
with both.