Are we not taking the Ebola threat seriously enough?

So much time is spent watching and sharing “viral” web content (and watching television shows about the week’s popular web feeds), but are we now numb to real viral dangers?

Ebola cases are now doubling in count every three to weeks. Recently, the head of the World Health Organization in Europe said Ebola’s spread across Europe is “quite unavoidable.” Few have yet to conclude Ebola’s spread will materially impact economic growth, much less let their imagination run wild about how many people will ultimately catch the deadly virus.

Meanwhile the U.S. government’s strategy seems to center around chiding what it sees as panic rather than educating the public about the disease, beefing up preventative measures, and preparing for a lot more cases. (Hope I’m wrong about this.)

It just seems the downside to overreacting is far less than the downside of not taking Ebola seriously enough.