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Harlan J. Cadinha discusses the Coronavirus and the race for the Democrat nomination and their effects on the stock markets.


Harlan J. Cadinha discusses why the market can keep climbing in the face of impeachment.


Harlan J. Cadinha discusses the weakening dollar and how the markets may react.


Harlan J. Cadinha discusses the big drop in the stock markets as well as recent developments in the trade war with China.


Chairman and Chief Strategist, Harlan J. Cadinha, discusses today's market volatility and his view of the trade war with China.


Chairman and Chief Strategist, Harlan Cadinha, discusses the implications of the Dow crossing 27,000.



Investment Commentary: December 31, 2019

21 Jan 2020 | Neil Rose

Imagine it’s 10 years ago and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appeared with a glimpse of the investment world in January, 2020. (Let’s say the Ghost appears as one of the anchors from financial news instead of the Grim Reaper from A Christmas Carol.) The Ghost narrates the future:

“10 years from now, economic growth is lackluster around the globe even with massive money printing by central bank. Interest rates are historically low, so low that some $15 trillion of bonds have a negative interest rate. Investors can’t get enough of yield-less bonds and are dumping record amounts of stock to buy them.

“The Fed lowered interest rates three times on worries of recession and an existential threat in the form of trade wars, primarily with China, which is also ramping up its military strength and global influence to challenge American hegemony. Large protests for democracy have gripped Hong Kong. The U.S. and Iranian forces have launched bombs and missiles at each other in the Middle East.

“Oil prices haven’t moved up in a decade, but debts have globally. The national debt is almost double what is was in 2009, to over $22 trillion, increasing about $1 trillion a year. And Donald Trump is president, and he has just been impeached. The Dow continues to make new highs, now at 28,500.

If anything, the past decade has been a lesson that anything is possible.

Percentage Points

Scared Money

12 Dec 2019 | Neil Rose



Four women spoke with passion, intelligence and plenty of humor Thursday to a lunchtime audience about the challenges and successes they encounter as leaders in their family businesses. Kalei Cadinha-Pua‘a, CEO and vice chair of Cadinha & Co. LLC, a Honolulu-based investment advice firm, talked about how valuable women can be to their families’ businesses. “If you just change your perspective subtly, you see the tremendous opportunity that women have in any organization including their family business. We nurture, we build, we collaborate, we do all these amazing things” that are necessary to a grow a successful business, she said.


FA 100: CNBC ranks the top-rate financial advisory firms of 2019

Finding the right advisor to help with your financial needs and goals can be complicated. There are so many factors to assess. Many advisors will use a high asset under management as a selling point metric when marketing themselves to potential investors. However, AUM isn’t the whole story when a potential client is determining which financial advisory firm is right for them. The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list when it comes to offering a comprehensive planning and financial service that helps clients navigate through their complex financial life. The CNBC rankings are based on data culled from thousands of advisory firms and provided by AccuPoint Solutions. Factors included in the rankings were disclosures, years in business, average account size, total accounts under management, number of investment advisors, the ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees and discretionary assets under management and total AUM. Each section was weighted according to specific criteria created by CNBC and AccuPoint.

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