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Harlan J. Cadinha discusses the weakening dollar and how the markets may react.


Harlan J. Cadinha discusses the big drop in the stock markets as well as recent developments in the trade war with China.


Chairman and Chief Strategist, Harlan J. Cadinha, discusses today's market volatility and his view of the trade war with China.


Chairman and Chief Strategist, Harlan Cadinha, discusses the implications of the Dow crossing 27,000.


Chairman and Chief Strategist, Harlan Cadinha, discusses the drivers of recent market drop.


Harlan Cadinha discusses the steep market declines and how the volatility in the Administration could be responsible.



Investment Commentary: September 30, 2019

17 Oct 2019 | Neil Rose

There are more than a few reasons to remain bullish on the economy and stocks in general, but the fact is the economy is slowing, and uncertainty is rising.  We fear without a positive development or catalyst—namely within trade—the slowdown could turn what has been a very positive picture in employment and consumer behavior.


Donald Trump’s impeachment developments were not even the most negative headlines, market wise, during the quarter. Discouraging news was plenty.

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Neil’s Notes

12 Nov 2019 | Neil Rose


FA 100: CNBC ranks the top-rate financial advisory firms of 2019

Finding the right advisor to help with your financial needs and goals can be complicated. There are so many factors to assess. Many advisors will use a high asset under management as a selling point metric when marketing themselves to potential investors. However, AUM isn’t the whole story when a potential client is determining which financial advisory firm is right for them. The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list when it comes to offering a comprehensive planning and financial service that helps clients navigate through their complex financial life. The CNBC rankings are based on data culled from thousands of advisory firms and provided by AccuPoint Solutions. Factors included in the rankings were disclosures, years in business, average account size, total accounts under management, number of investment advisors, the ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees and discretionary assets under management and total AUM. Each section was weighted according to specific criteria created by CNBC and AccuPoint.


STAR ADVERTISER: Former QB Rose blooms at investment firm

Former Harvard University quarterback Neil Rose said he hasn't changed his investment philosophy since he began calling signals at Honolulu-based Cadinha & Co. nearly 16 years ago.   Rose, the newly named president of the investment management firm, prefers investing conservatively than taking risks.   "One of the reasons I joined the company was shared values of conservatism," said the Hawaii native, who also is retaining his position as chief investment officer. "What I've found in the time since is the being conservative is a great offensive asset. Those who have made the most over time in investing - the Warren Buffetts of the world - they're all known as conservative investors. That's a paradox to the dogma you hear that to make more returns you need to take on more risk. That's not true. To make more returns you have to take less risk. There are no old gunfighters, and that applies to the investment world as well."

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