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Harlan Cadinha discusses the many factors that are creating uncertainty in the markets and how portfolios are currently positioned.


Harlan Cadinha giving an update on the stock market, some potential actions being taken by the federal government and current allocations.


Harlan Cadinha discusses the current market levels and how the decline is much more than the Coronvirus. Global debt levels are soaring and the current COVID19 pandemic is only going to extend them further.


Harlan J. Cadinha updates on what caused the markets to dramatically change course.


Harlan J. Cadinha, Chairman and Chief Strategist, shares his thoughts on the drivers behind this week’s steep decline in the stock market. Coronavirus and Bernie Sanders leading increasing the fear and uncertainty in the markets.


Harlan J. Cadinha discusses new market outlook regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and Bernie Sanders' momentum.



Investment Commentary: March 31, 2020

20 Apr 2020 | Neil Rose

Until recently, the idea of a pandemic seemed rather abstract. Maybe we imagined once or twice what one could look like, perhaps with glimpses from movies like Outbreak or Contagion, or through the real-life but short Ebola or SARS scares. Pandemic was a source of escapist fun, something you talked about when someone brought up the topic of preppers.

The coronavirus itself isn’t quite the stuff of Hollywood. Yet, the gravity of a pandemic is hitting home. People we know are getting sick, or at least people we recognize. There is the hoarding—toilet paper, Clorox products, bullets. And guns. The FBI reported a 41% surge in background checks last by individuals attempting to buy firearms in March. The 3.7 million background checks in March was the biggest month since the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System was launched in 1998.

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$484 Billion More: Additional Stimulus Legislation

24 Apr 2020 | Neil Rose



Four women spoke with passion, intelligence and plenty of humor Thursday to a lunchtime audience about the challenges and successes they encounter as leaders in their family businesses. Kalei Cadinha-Pua‘a, CEO and vice chair of Cadinha & Co. LLC, a Honolulu-based investment advice firm, talked about how valuable women can be to their families’ businesses. “If you just change your perspective subtly, you see the tremendous opportunity that women have in any organization including their family business. We nurture, we build, we collaborate, we do all these amazing things” that are necessary to a grow a successful business, she said.


FA 100: CNBC ranks the top-rate financial advisory firms of 2019

Finding the right advisor to help with your financial needs and goals can be complicated. There are so many factors to assess. Many advisors will use a high asset under management as a selling point metric when marketing themselves to potential investors. However, AUM isn’t the whole story when a potential client is determining which financial advisory firm is right for them. The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list when it comes to offering a comprehensive planning and financial service that helps clients navigate through their complex financial life. The CNBC rankings are based on data culled from thousands of advisory firms and provided by AccuPoint Solutions. Factors included in the rankings were disclosures, years in business, average account size, total accounts under management, number of investment advisors, the ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees and discretionary assets under management and total AUM. Each section was weighted according to specific criteria created by CNBC and AccuPoint.

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