Take a moment and think about how you typically drive down a road. The majority of time you look ahead, constantly assessing factors like road conditions, other traffic, and speed. Only occasionally do you glance in the rearview mirror. Now, what if you tried to do it the other way around? It wouldn’t be long before you wound up wrapped around a telephone pole.

Cadinha & Company believes that wealth management works much the same way. We’re rarely driving in familiar territory these days. Therefore, we don’t put much faith in how investments performed in the past. Or in worn-out ideas such as Modern Portfolio Theory or being 100% invested in the market.

We don’t think like a typical financial adviser. Because, at our core, we’re risk managers. We’ve put together some questions to ask yourself. And in some cases, included our thoughts for you to consider. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, we could be the right investment adviser for you.