How does your financial adviser make money?

If you only charged 1% you'd be transparent about it, too.

Our financial advisory fees are simple and straightforward: 1% annually or less.
We assess no other fees.

Just an annual 1% fee for portfolios between $1 million and $3 million and lower fees (as low as .40%) beyond that.

1% first $3 million of assets under management
.75% on the next $2 million
.50% on the next $5 million
.40% on additional amounts
Minimum annual fee for each account is $10,000.

Though financial advisers will often quote their advisory fee rate, some may not disclose the full fee picture. Ask for full fee transparency. What you’re paying could include:

  • Product fees or management fees for mutual funds (ask about the expense ratio) or sub-advisers
  • Platform fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Sales charges such as up-front or deferred sales charges, or “loads”