Global Portfolio Strategies

Global Portfolio Strategies.

In everything Cadinha & Company does,

there are no boundaries to what we’ll consider to preserve and grow our clients’ investments. That’s nothing new. What is new is the degree to which we believe a global focus will serve our clients.

Poised for
global growth.

We knew there were big changes on the horizon and we’ve been preparing for them.

Therefore, today we are well-positioned with the tools and expertise to offer our clients a unique approach to a dedicated global portfolio.

Since we opened our doors in 1979, we have worked with Dr. Victor Canto, a renowned global investment and macroeconomic expert. In addition to providing his global expertise, Dr. Canto brings the model he created 40 years ago that plays a key role in our investment decisions. This quantitative data correlates with macroeconomic conditions and generates probabilities for the future performance of any market, benchmark, or asset class in which we are contemplating investing. This helps us make more deliberate decisions about which markets, globally and domestically, we believe will outperform others.

As the world changes, so do we.

For over 40 years, Cadinha & Company has successfully anticipated economic events due to our highly disciplined process for understanding market behavior.

And for over 40 years we have helped our clients thrive within the context of a globalized economy.

Today we see a deglobalization trend across the world. As a result, we will look region-by-region and nation-by-nation to discern the markets with the least risk and most promise. Investing becomes more complex in a deglobalized world. But great opportunities exist, if you know how to spot them.

Having a global investment strategy is not always about investing globally. But it is always about understanding the correlation between important global factors and how investments are primed to perform. Well-thought rationale for when, where and why to invest in anything – global or domestic – is one of the many things you can count on at Cadinha & Company.

Fortunately, we believe we have the most unique tools, best processes and, most importantly, the right people for understanding and forecasting where the opportunities will be. Many of us at Cadinha & Company were trained and started careers in a deglobalized world; we understand how to prosper in such an environment. There’s an entire generation of economists and financial advisers working today who have no expertise investing in a deglobalized marketplace.

Looking forward, confidently.

The process we employ at Cadinha & Company to create a global investment strategy is a synthesis of many complex variables, but what it does is simple: it allows us to look forward. And to look forward with quantitative confirmation on a lot of “what ifs.”

Cadinha & Company is better equipped than ever to manage investments in a very dynamic world. We’ve not only seen many of today’s macroeconomic trends with our own eyes during our professional careers, but also have the added benefit of a model that remembers everything that may have influenced performance results along the way.

We trust your future and ours to the people we bring to the task of understanding the factors that affect markets, and to the tools that help us confidently make decisions on your behalf.