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24 Apr 2020 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

$484 Billion More: Additional Stimulus Legislation

The fourth stimulus legislation since the beginning of the pandemic was signed today, amounting to $484 billion in additional relief. Key features include $75 billion for hospitals, $25 billion in disaster grants, $60 billion in disaster loans and grants, and $310 billion in additional funding for the Payment Protection Program (PPP). The ...

30 Mar 2020 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

The Paycheck Protection Program

Small and medium businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis may receive some free money via the Paycheck Protection Program. The program was included in the $2 trillion federal stimulus program known as the CARES Act signed into law last week. A friend passed along ...

23 Mar 2020 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

Neil’s Notes

Quick Investment Update: First, apologies for the lack of updates during this quickly developing crisis. As you may have deduced from the number of trade confirmations you have received lately, we have been at battle stations, moving money and getting to higher ground. The selling is ...

16 Mar 2020 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

Covid-19 update

Quick COVID-19 Update

The stock market over ...

24 Feb 2020 | Cadinha Big Picture

The Three Most Asked Questions I Get Lately.


In meetings with clients in Hawaii and on the road lately, I’ve heard many ...

12 Dec 2019 | Neil's Notes

Scared Money

There is a saying that markets exist to make the greatest number of people wrong most of the time. Any money manager will admit ...

12 Nov 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes


Year-End Planning Tips

If you haven’t done so already, ...

12 Nov 2019 | Cadinha Big Picture

With yields so low, why invest in bonds at all?

invest in bonds

With yields so low today, it makes sense to invest ...

29 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

Neil's Notes

Disneyland, part deux

When my family went to Disneyland ...

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