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12 Dec 2019 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

Scared Money

There is a saying that markets exist to make the greatest number of people wrong most of the time. Any money manager will admit the stock market seems to confound consensus forecasts—if not his own—with unwelcome regularity. Perhaps it is a small mercy today that we have no shortage of data to know the ...

12 Nov 2019 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

Neil’s Notes

Year-End Planning Tips If you haven’t done so already, consider any applicable year-end tax moves for 2019. These moves include: Maxing out contributions for 401(k), 403(b), Thrift Savings Plans, 457, and IRAs. See the table below for limits.  Taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) if ...

12 Nov 2019 | Cadinha Big Picture | Neil Rose

With yields so low, why invest in bonds at ...

With yields so low today, it makes sense to invest less in bonds, but not to abandon them altogether. One could be forgiven for asking whether it makes sense to invest in bonds today. Historically low interest rates may appear even lower for ...

29 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

Neil's Notes

Disneyland, part deux

When ...

15 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

Hope springs eternal
Some mildly positive news came last week as the U.S. and China agreed to concepts of a ...

08 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

I’m trying to allocate some time for reflection, and, in a world with too much information, actively discard the unimportant stuff, exercise some ...

26 Sep 2018 | Cadinha Big Picture

It All Started With A Man Who Wanted To Do The ... Harlan J. Cadinha spent the first 11 years of his career at a large brokerage firm. There, he witnessed the inherent conflict between what the ...

02 Nov 2017 | Cadinha Cuts Through

First Look: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act At times it seemed the fractured GOP would never agree on a tax plan, but finally we have one to chew on.  We are in ...

08 Sep 2017 | Cadinha Connects

EQUIFAX DATA BREACH “Equifax Says Cyberattack May Have Affected 143 Million Customers” via New York Times 9/7/2017 Article This breach is a big deal. One of the ...

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