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Percentage Points


19 Feb 2019 | Cadinha Big Picture | Kaleialoha Cadinha-Pua’a

So, what’s it gonna take to get you into a new heart?

It’s difficult to imagine ever hearing something like that from your physician. But that, in a nutshell, is the difference between a salesperson and an adviser. The motivation for the salesperson is the sale. The motivation for the adviser is your best interest. Cadinha & Company investment advisers are registered by the Securities and Exchange ...


We Don’t Think Like Typical Advisers

Take a moment and think about how you typically drive down a road. The majority of time you look ahead, constantly assessing factors like road conditions, other traffic, and speed. Only occasionally do you glance in the rearview mirror. Now, what if you tried to do ...

Losing Isn’t Winning

Growing wealth: a defensive strategy. Think for a moment about why we invest in the first place. Do we invest—put money at risk for a future return—to beat the S&P 500 or to make more money than the Joneses? Perhaps that’s the case ...

Financial Planning Cadinha Style At Cadinha & Company, we have our own definition of financial planning. It has nothing to do with generic forms ...