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29 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes | Neil Rose

Neil’s Notes

Disneyland, part deux When my family went to Disneyland almost a year ago, I played the spoil sport. Hell was breaking loose in the stock market. The fourth quarter of 2018 saw a ratcheting up of the trade war, a (misplaced) fear that the Federal Reserve would tighten interest rates too ...


Cadinha at Forty

It’s just hard to believe that we’ve been at this for 40 years. If you ask Harlan, it seems like yesterday that he first opened the doors at Cadinha & Company. We’ve come so far and learned so much – about who ...

Talk to the tortoise.

We all know Aesop’s fable “The Hare and the Tortoise.” In the tale, the tortoise, weary of the hare’s constant bragging, challenges the hare to a race. The arrogant hare readily accepts. As soon as they hear the crack of the starter’s pistol the hare is off ...


It’s the season of giving. And it’s ...

29 Oct 2019 | News

Cadinha Among the 2019 CNBC FA 100 List

In October, Cadinha & Co. made CNBC’s top 100 firms (#56). Per CNBC, the list celebrates forward-thinking financial advisory firms that continue to uncover new ...

15 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

Hope springs eternal
Some mildly positive news came last week as the U.S. and China agreed to concepts of a ...

08 Oct 2019 | Neil's Notes

Neil’s Notes

I’m trying to allocate some time for reflection, and, in a world with too much information, actively discard the unimportant stuff, exercise some ...

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